Connecting an Android device to Hosted Exchange may vary between devices, but please follow these steps as a guideline: 

  • Select "Settings" from the "Apps" screen.
  • Scroll down and select "Add account".
  • Select "Email". (Other Android versions may refer to "Exchange" or "Corporate".) 
  • Enter your OneNet credentials.
  • Select "Manual Setup". 
  • Select "Exchange". 
  • For "Domain\Username", enter the OneNet email address. For example,
  • For "Password", enter the OneNet password.
  • For "Server", enter
  • Tick "Use Secure Connection (SSL)" and "Accept all SSL certificates". If the option "Use client certificate" appears, leave it un-ticked.
  • If prompted with "Remote security administration", click "OK". 
  • Tick all the sync options. 
  • Name the account "OneNet Exchange", and click "Next". 
  • The device will begin to sync with Hosted Exchange.
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