Map to a Local Drive

Prerequisites and Important Notes

Before mapping the drive, you must add the Hosted SharePoint site to Trusted Sites

Please note that SharePoint 2013 uses SAML tokens for user authentication. This SAML token expires every 2 hours, and upon expiry, the user must sign into SharePoint via Internet Explorer or else the mapped drive for Sharepoint will stop working. This behaviour is normal and by design. Please refer to the "Update 1" section in

Please also note that mapping of SharePoint drives is not supported on a Mac computer. Microsoft recommends using OneDrive or a web browser. Please refer to

Alternatives Recommended by Microsoft

One alternative is to use Internet Explorer (and not any other web browser) to open a folder within SharePoint:

  • Select the document.
  • Select the Library tab.
  • Click "Open with Explorer".

Another alternative is to use OneDrive/OneDrive for Business (previously known as SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro). Please refer to and

Mapping a Local Drive

To map a local drive to the Hosted SharePoint site:

  • Click the "Start" or Windows menu.
  • Select "Computer".
  • Click "Map network drive". 
  • Type the Hosted SharePoint URL (including the Shared Document folder*), and click "Finish". (*Browse to the SharePoint site and navigate to the Shared Document folder. Then copy the URL and remove the text after the last '/', or the second-to-last '/' to return the parent folder.)
  • Type your OneNet credentials, and click "OK". 
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